Annual wellness exams for pets are an important part of any preventative health care program. They allow for early detection of many conditions such as heart disease, dental disease, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, spinal issues and many others; not to mention the best news any client can hear from their veterinarian.your pet is both happy and healthy.

We have a complete, state of the art in-house diagnostic laboratory that allows us to run everything from routine blood tests, fecal and urinary analysis, microscopic cytology to more extensive tests to aid in diagnosing a more urgent illness when your family pet is feeling under the weather.

Digital radiology allows us to rapidly obtain high-definition x-rays that can be an important diagnostic tool for a variety of patient conditions,including lameness, heart disease, foreign body ingestion, constipation and many other disorders that require more than a physical examination and blood tests to achieve a diagnosis. We also have the ability to consult with Board Certified Radiologists.

Along with digital radiology, Grote Veterinary Clinic offers other state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities including endoscopic exams, ultrasound evaluations, and EKG recordings.  We have multiple Board Certified Specialist available for consultation on every case, if the need arises.

We perform everything from spays and neuters to bladder stone removal, lump removals and many other procedures. Every patient is closely monitored using state of the art digital monitors that provide real-time EKG, oxygen levels, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature. We also require pre anesthetic blood screening to help us make your pet’s surgical procedure as safe and successful as possible.

Along with our general soft tissue surgery we offer standard and advanced, orthopedic surgeries. These surgeries include, but not limited to, Fracture repair, Tibial Plateau Leveling Osleotomy (TPLO), Lateral Suture Techniques, Patellor Luxation, Femoral Head Osleotomy, and amputation. Our doctors also collaborate with orthopedic specialist on certain specialty cases.

We encourage all of our clients to participate in preventative oral hygiene programs such as brushing their pet’s teeth daily, dental chews and yearly anesthetic dental exams and cleaning. But there are times when a patient may require dental procedures under anesthesia to properly manage more severe cases of periodontal and gum disease, a fractured tooth, a tooth root abscess or possibly an extraction.

We carry a full line of prescription diets. Different pets require different diets for optimum health and performance. Our staff will be happy to help determine which diet is right for your pet.

Vaccinations are an important part of any preventative health care program. We understand that a vaccine program should be tailored to your pet’s individual situation and we follow the most up-to-date vaccination protocols based on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure.

Countless beloved pets are lost or stolen every year so we encourage that all pets be identifiable by a microchip which is registered with a national database to increase the number of lost pets reunited with their owners.

Our fully stocked pharmacy is on site and available to fill prescriptions now without having to go somewhere else and wait. Also, because fleas, ticks, and mosquitos can transmit serious and sometimes deadly diseases, we recommend year round preventative programs. We have a variety of products designed to protect your pets from these vicious parasites. We’ll be glad to discuss your options at any time. GVC also offers a complete online pharmacy with most prescriptions and veterinary diets shipped right to your door. 

Tonometry is the instrumentation that allows us to measure intraocular pressure (pressure inside the eye). Glaucoma is a painful disease that is characterized by increased pressure and often leads to blindness. Early detection is the key to preserving vision. Annual evaluations of breeds predisposed to glaucoma and patients with certain medical conditions are recommended.

We offer low level laser therapy and standard laser therapy to promote healing, encourage cellular wellness and increase overall health.

Equine services that we provide include wellness and pre-purchase examinations, lameness exams, dental floats, vaccinations, colic and other emergency evaluations, health certificates, and coggins testing. We offer mobile veterinary services to your farm or ranch for these services.

We provide a wide range of services for our food animal clients including medicine and surgery, lameness, and emergency evaluations. We have a fully equipped vet truck available for farm calls.

While you’re on vacation, why not allow your pet a vacation as well at theGrote Veterinary Clinic boarding Facility? Although not actually a vacationresort, we do offer boarding services for our canine and feline friendswhile their owners are out of town.

We have climate controlled kennel that offers indoor/outdoor runs along with dedicated indoor runs. All dogs are rotated into a large exercise pen twice a day during their stay with us. We also offer on- site cat boarding. Additionally, medical boarding for dogs and cats with medical needs is available.

For their protection, all pets must be fully vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian in order to board here and proof of vaccinations will be required. While boarding we can take care of any veterinary services that are needed as well. Call us for more details.

Grote Veterinary Clinic has regular operating hours Monday-Saturday but we are available after hours on an emergency basis. We know that not everything associated with our pets and animals can be planned. We have a doctor on call 24/7 when the need arises.